Festival Members

Joint Ambassadors

John and Dianne Culhane
Mr and Mrs David Guest
Mr and Mrs John Lenton
Mr and Mrs Dieter Losse
Mr Art Ramirez and Mr Malcolm Hall
Mark Pettit and Valeria Vallucci


Mr C G Aitken
Mrs Sarah Cook
Stephen Day
Mrs Frances Grundon
The Grundon Family
Edite Ligere
Ms R Mummery
Mr R Tjoa
Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Try
Mrs M Ward

Joint Benefactors

Dr G and Prof M Bell
Mr and Mrs J J Branch
Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Cameron
Mr and Mr Chapman-Curry
Mrs Julia Cooke
Mr and Mrs R D L Denny
Mr and Mrs A Fall
Mr and Mrs Ken Keir
Mr and Mrs R Kidson
Sir James and Lady Perowne
Mr R G and Mrs J A Phillips


Mrs Liz Adamson
Mrs Anne Ayrton-Grime
Mrs Jenny Burrell
Mrs Mary Francis
Ann Geary
Mr Michael Hill
Mrs Maria G Hindmarsh
Mrs Robin Kennedy
Dr Stephen Lewis
Mrs J N Pelissier
Canon Martin Poll
Mr Bryan Rigby
Mr Andrew Try