Festival Members

Joint Ambassadors

Mr and Mrs D J Burrell
Mr and Mrs David Guest
Mr and Mrs John Lenton
Mr and Mrs Dieter Losse
Mr and Mrs Henry Lumley
Mr Art Ramirez and Mr Malcolm Hall


Mr C G Aitken
Mr S R Day
Mrs Frances Grundon
The Grundon Family
Mr R Tjoa
Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Try

Joint Benefactors

Mr Philip Ayrton-Grime CVO and Mrs Anne Ayrton-Grime
Mr and Mrs Geoffrey Cameron
Mr and Mrs Peter Cooke
John and Dianne Culhane
Mr and Mrs R D L Denny
Mr and Mrs Ken Keir
Diana and Roger le Clercq


Mrs Liz Adamson
Mrs Giselle Alsop
Mrs M E Ammann-West
Dr G T Bell
Mr Peter Culver
Mr John Denny
Mrs Mary Francis
Mr Michael Hill
Mrs Maria G Hindmarsh
Miss Pamela Leslie-Melville
Dr Stephen Lewis
Ms R Mummery
Mrs J N Pelissier
Michael Pitfield
Canon Martin Poll
Mr Bryan Rigby
Mrs Ailsa Royds
Mr Andrew Try
Isabel Walton
Mrs M Ward
Mr Roderick Watson
T Yellachich