WFISC Winners

The 6 WFISC winners, since the inauguration of the competition in 2008, have all gone on to superb success in the musical world, launching wonderful careers.

2017 winners

  • First Prize and Audience Prize: Nathan Meltzer
  • Second Prize: Jonian Ilias Kadesha
  • Third Prize: Luke Hsu

2015 winners

  • First Prize: Jiyoon Lee
  • Second Prize: Timothy Ridout
  • Third Prize: Elena Buksha
  • Audience Prize: Elena Buksh

2013 winners

  • First Prize and Audience Prize: Benjamin Baker
  • Second Prize: Yuka Ishizuka
  • Third Prize: 

2011 winners

  • First Prize: Yuki Ito
  • Second Prize: Jiafeng Chen
  • Third Prize: Michael Petrov

2009 winners

2008 winners

  • First Prize: Brian O’Kane
  • Second Prize: Joo Yeon Sir
  • Bow Prize: Adam Newman
  • Audience Prize: David McCaroll